Story Time on Facebook Timeline

Something horrible happened to me a few weeks ago. It changed everything I knew. I felt dazed and confused, altogether pretty lost. My Facebook page changed to Facebook timeline!

Long story short: I was not a fan.

I wanted my old page back. You know, the one where I didn’t see my posts from when I was 17 going on about how being grounded wasn’t fair because I was an “adult.” Posts like that make me cringe.

Now, as I said, I was horrified when Facebook just did this to me. I immediately ran to my roommate and asked if hers had changed. To my dismay hers had not. I felt like Facebook was out to get me and only me! After asking her, I proceeded to ask just about everyone else I knew. I found that most of them changed their Facebook to the timeline voluntarily. Now, if something is going to change, there better be a point to it. So what is the point of Facebook timeline?

According to Facebook itself, the timeline is meant to share “your story from beginning, to middle, to now.” I can see where they’re coming from. I mean if a lot of people changed their page voluntarily, so there must be something to it. So if this timeline is meant to share “your story,” on a personal level, does it transfer to a business level as well?

An article on says that it certainty does! Every company, every brand and every organization has a history and story all their own. Facebook timeline has given these organizations what, marketing has at times, failed to do.

In an article titled “Facebook Timeline for Pages: Which Brands Will Win and Lose?” Ian Schafer, founder and CEO of Deep Focus, says that Facebook timeline is “an opportunity for brands to tell more engaging stories on Facebook than they can now.”

The way I see it, some brands are going to take this and run with it. Others are going to drown. It is sad but true that some companies just don’t tell their story well and somehow they have been able to overcome that. Facebook timeline isn’t going to let that slide anymore. If a brand wants to be successful on the biggest social media platform (and which one doesn’t) you’re just going to have to keep me, and the other millions of people on Facebook, interested and willing to listen to YOUR story.

Make it a good one.


5 responses to “Story Time on Facebook Timeline

  1. Kerry –

    I completely agree with you that there are brands out there that don’t know how to tell their story in an effective way in social media. I think that the new timeline format for brands will force brand to get a little more creative with their social pages in order to compete with those that have a better grasp on social media marketing. I think brands like Starbucks, Burberry, etc. are great examples for brands who aren’t so sure how to approach the new format to look at. Though you have valid reasons for not liking the new changes for your personal page, some of those some new features are what are going to be most beneficial to brand pages (i.e. being able to see more posts from the past, marking company milestones, etc.)

  2. Some brands have been unable to craft their story, even if they really have a great one. I think that may be harder for a small brand vs. the Coke’s of the world. But at the end of the day, Timeline gives us the opportunity to better curate our social presence. Now you can highlight the posts you want to from 5 years ago, and hide some of the others!

  3. Angela Swenson

    Here are some of the main problems I see brands running into with the timeline layout. First, many brands weren’t very good at using Facebook when they first started, so what they have to work with from the past isn’t well thought out or displayed. Second, I don’t think a lot of brands are thinking about it as a tool to tell their story. Frankly, I think a lot of brands just don’t know what to do with it. Finally, I don’t think brands are as in touch with their story and trying to tell it as they should be. Each company has a story and, with social media, should have a personality. Timeline gives these brands a platform to tell that story, so it’s time the brands step back and figure out what story they are telling.

  4. This post gives good insight to something that is seen in an unfavoring light. I also will admit that I am not a fan of the Facebook timeline, and that it poses to be quite an inconvenience. However, I never thouught about it from a marketing standpoint, or an avenue for brands to display themselves on the web. Although I am not a fan for personal Facebook timelines, I can see how this would work as an advantage to companies who would like to display the history and progress of the company. Never though of that before!

  5. Hopefully you like your timeline now! I love mine and yes I was one of those people who voluntarily changed mine. At first it is hard to tackle and grasp the whole point of it all, but I think in time people will grow to really enjoy it. I think that it is more user friendly and when it comes to brands I think it allows the to really share their story more. The brand pages are brighter, more colorful and way more engaging than ever before! I have no doubt that you will eventually love it!

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