Case Study: Burberry on Facebook

ImageNow, I am not much of a Burberry girl. That is by default not by choice. This college student income is killing me! However, when I dream of how many nice, new clothes I have once I land that first job, I hope on over to Burberry’s Facebook page and start planning my new wardrobe. The Burberry Facebook page is all together “liked” by  12,750,595 people. The brand’s page has even been ranks 15th out of corporate brands for the most Facebook likes. The question is, why do so many people “like” this page and what makes it a successful social business?

 This is do to the way Burberry advertises its newest collections of clothing and accessories. For example, recently Burberry has posted about its new White Collection with pictures and a video on its wall. The pictures that they posted received 18,384 likes, 262 comments and 897 shares. The video that was posted received 4,725 likes and 71 comments.

 Other campaigns that have been posted onto the Facebook page include the Spring/Summer 2010 campaign that was comprised of 14 photos, the Burberry Prorsum Menswear Autumn/Winter 2011, which included 47 photos and Burberry Exotics, which was a total of 10 photos.

 Burberry is using Facebook like an online catalog. They are using this platform as another way to Imageshowcase the items that they are selling without it appearing like an actual advertisement.

 I also like the way that Burberry shows its appreciate to all of its Facebook fans. According to The Daily Mail, last January when the page initially hit 10 million likes, “Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey uploaded a personal thank you via a video message to the site.” Consumers loved so much that they were being appreciated for simply clicking a button that a day after the video was posted another 163,000 had liked the page. Click the above link to watch the video for yourself!

 I feel that Burberry has also done a great job of adapting to Facebook timeline. The timeline goes all theImage way back to its founding in 1856. It even has a photo of the first store in Basingstoke. From there, it has pictures of its founder, Thomas Burberry, the opening of new stores in different countries, old advertisements of what are now staples of the brand and pictures of celebrities at the time wearing the brand.

 The brand has effectively learned to tell its story through the new timeline feature. In the end, that is what this new tool is all about. Where other brands have failed at accomplishing this, Burberry has surpassed expectations. 


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